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    JBoss 5.1.GA, pages.properties, getContextClassLoader() and ServletContext

    Riccardo Serafin Newbie


      we are using Seam 2.2.1.CR1 and have recently moved to JBoss 5.1.GA. We deploy as an exploded EAR with and exploded WAR inside. Since upgrading, we are having all kind of issues with resources deployed in the WAR root folder, like the pageXXX.properties that go with each facelet page (i.e. Messages does not contain properties defined in these files). After digging a bit, the problem seems to be related to the Seam ResourceLoader loadBundle() method, which uses the getContextClassloader() to read the page bundle file. It looks like the classloader we get there only has access to classpath resources but not to ServletContext resources (that is where our files are). Hence, we don't get those properties files loaded.

      I've looked both in this forum and in Jira for a similar issue, but found nothing. Which seems strange as I guess if this was a normal problem a lot of people would have already screamed about it.

      Any idea why in our setup things are not working as they are supposed to be?