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    param-Valuebinding for boolean type does not work in page.xml

    Rene Felgenträger Newbie

      Hello everybody,

      i have the problem, that i cannot bind a boolean value to my session bean via page.xml.

      Here is an extract of my page.xml:

      <param name="assPosId" value="#{assPosInvoiceToPdfBean.assPos}" converterId="assPosConverter" required="true" />
      <param name="showLongText" value="#{assPosInvoiceToPdfBean.showLongText}" converterId="booleanConverter" required="false"/>
      <action execute="#{assPosInvoiceToPdfBean.init}"/>
      <action execute="#{assPosInvoiceToPdfAction.init}"/>

      Echo-Debugging shows me that, the my both custom converters are hit and working as expected. Even both init-Methods are invoked.

      Unfortunatley is only the assPosId (more exactly its adequate AssignmentPosition-Object) set in the session-bean, but not the boolean-value.
      The problem only occures in case of boolean values.

      Any ideas? Help appreciated.