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    How To: navigation and rich:dropDownMenu?

    Prathamesh Gaddam Novice
      Dear Team,

      The selection of menuItem within rich:dropDownMenu are going to navigation/page.xml.

      I'm using the bean to store/set view and then use it for re-direct. However, the view is not re-directed.

      Even tried w.r.t http://seamframework.org/Community/ConversationPropagationAndRichdropDownMenu. However same problem.


                          <rich:toolBar rendered="#{identity.loggedIn}">
                               <rich:dropDownMenu value="Tracker" styleClass="style2">

                                    <rich:menuItem value="Issues List"

                                    <rich:menuItem value="Tasks List"

                                    <rich:menuItem value="WorkLog List"

                                    <rich:menuItem value="Timesheets List"
                                         action="#{menu.redirectToView('/TimesheetsList.xhtml')}" >



           <navigation from-action="#{menu.redirectToView}">
                <redirect view-id="#{menu.fetchView}"/>


      public class MenuBean {
           private Log log;

           StatusMessages statusMessages;

           private String view;

           public String redirectToView(String view) {
                String status = "success";
                System.out.println("redirectToView(): " + fetchView());
                return status;

           public String fetchView() {
                return view;

           public void setView(String view) {
                this.view = view;