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    page flow and parameters

    giuseppe naddeo Newbie


      I need some help about chapter 5.1.11 of seam reference guide.
      that section is about parameters. I dont understand why it's all related to model.
      really do I need a backing bean to transfer paramters?

      for examle I whould like a navigation rule as below

      <navigation from-action="#{userform.doAction}">
           <rule if-outcome="create">
                <redirect view-id="/pages/userConfirm.xhtml">
                     <param name="useraction" value="create"/>
           <rule if-outcome="edit">
                <redirect view-id="/pages/userConfirm.xhtml">
                     <param name="useraction" value="edit"/>

      and into userConfirm page I whould like

      <s:div rendered="#{useraction == 'create"}">
           <html-tags>bla bla create</html-tags>
      <s:div rendered="#{useraction == 'edit"}">
           <html-tags>bla bla edit</html-tags>

      it does not work, but why?
      how could I achieve the same result?

      I cannot use message because I need to send in output an html formatted text (div plus h plus p ecc)