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    using Jboss SSO with a seam app and jsp app

    lholmquist Newbie

      I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to seam.  I have some existing apps that were written in jsp, that i am able to connect with sso by enabling the valve in the jboss-web.deployer server.xml file and adding the same security context to the jboss-web.xml file in each app. 

      I would like to start using seam to leverage some of the new technologies associated with it.  I would like to be able to login into the seam app and then be logged into the legacy apps that i currently have.  I have been successful in using the same authentication from the login-conf.xml for all apps,  but i have not been able to implement the sso across the seam app and the older apps i have.  

      Is there another configuration i need to add?   Or is this not yet possible?  The main goal would be that the Seam app would be a Login Hub for all secure apps on our network.

      i apologize if this has been discussed before

      thanks for the help,