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    CSS styles in Seam Mailer

    Mike Burton Newbie
      I'm sending emails from a Seam app by using a <h:dataTable within the <m:body of a <m:message.
      I'd like to left-align the columns. For a <h:datatable thats displayed on a web-page I can add: headerClass="leftColumn, leftColumn" where .leftColumn in my .css contains: text-align: left;

      But I can't see how to reference the .css file from my email facelet

      At the start of my <m:body I tried adding:
        <link href="stylesheet/theme1.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
      but column headers in the email are still centred.

      Any ideas please?

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          Mike Burton Newbie
          Hi Folks,

          I've answered my own question, here's how I did it in case anyone else needs to...
          I defined an internal stylesheet, but needed to put it inside an escaped <f:verbatim

          So immediately after my   <m:body>   I have:
          <f:verbatim escape="true"> <style> .leftColumn {text-align: left;} </style> </f:verbatim>

          Then having defined the style, in my <h:dataTable I can add this:
          headerClass="leftColumn, leftColumn, ...

          Regards,  Mike