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    Getting FirstName from identity, extend Identity?

    Matthew Lueck Newbie

      I would like to display 'FirstName LastName' in the 'signed in as' inside the menu.xhtml.  Do I need to extend Identity to include FirstName and LastName as accessible fields, or is there another way I can go about getting at the whole user account entity from the identity framework?

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          Shervin Asgari Master

          There are many ways to do this.
          First of all you need to get the current logged in user. I am not sure how you have solved your solution, but if you have something like this, then you can just get the currentUser and in your User table you can create a

               public String getName() {
                    return this.firstname + " " + this.lastname;

          and then in your menu.xhtml you can just write


          or if you only want firstname


          Hope this helps

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            Jean Luc Apprentice

            Or you can have a session-scoped component that keeps your User entity. To load it, define a

            private User user;
            public void loadUser(){
               String username = ((Identity)Component.getInstance(Identity.class)).getPrincipal().getName();
               //load the User entity here and store it in the user variable

            Also make sure you clear the user when listening to org.jboss.seam.security.preAuthenticate and org.jboss.seam.security.loggedOut.