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    Problem with page navigation

    Bob Mauranne Newbie

      Hello everyone.

      I tried to implement navigation with seam like i saw in the project EDAS2, but when i change of page, the url shown by the navigator stays the same.

      Here's a snippet of my menu bar :

      <r:toolBar height="15px" itemSeparator="line">
           <f:facet name="label">
              <h:outputLabel value="Menu 1"/>
              <r:menuItem value="Sub menu 1" action="#{menuComponent.pageSubMenu1()}" />

      the menuComponent class :

      public class MenuComponent implements Serializable {
         private static final long serialVersionUID = 8128421090145381974L;
         public String pageSubMenu1() {
           return "page1";

      and i put my navigation rules in the file faces-config.xml


      So, with all that, i am in the page 'index.xhtml' where i click on the submenu1, i am redirected to the page 'page1.xhtml' but the url still shows 'index.xhtml'

      What did i do wrong ?