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    Why use Seam vs. Spring vs. framework X list

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      So it seams to me that the Seam community needs to come up with an unbiased list of technical reasons to use Seam vs. Spring (like stateful vs. stateless applications, fix for LIEs, less code in XML, use interceptors - AOP is overkill, extra layers not required, seam-gen, AJAX support, conversation and jBPM support, groovy support, etc.)

      Is there a complete list that we can use when trying to convince companies to

      a) switch from Spring to Seam (or possibly integrate both)
      b) switch from Struts/EJB2.x or even .NET/RoR/Grails/etc. to Seam

      Not looking for Spring-bashing!  Just facts.  Like how this is supported in Seam and not in Spring 2.5 and/or how Seam does it better.