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    New Localisation Web Service

    Alan Williams Newbie

      May I post details of a new web service we've created on this forum? It is specifically aimed at developers wanting to translate their applications and we've developed some JSF tags that currently only support Seam. It does not state not to do this in the Forum Policy but I wanted to check first.


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          Alan Williams Newbie

          Thanks. Here's the info.

          LocaleMinder.com is a new translation service specializing in software localization and solves translation maintenance issues. The benefits of our service are:

          • Full and automatic integration into the development lifecycle - We provide a web service for you to send the files containing the source texts which responds with equivalent localized files. We also provide an Apache Ant task that interacts with the web service for use in regular automated builds.

          • Faster turnaround - When a translation is deemed as required (a new or updated source text) the translation will be allocated to a translator who will be immediately contacted by email. As the translator completes each translation they will be returned in subsequent web service calls.

          • Better quality translations - Our software automatically selects translators based on ratings of their previous work, their cost and their availability.

          • Support for more languages - As our site interacts with translators automatically we work with many more translators than other agencies. We therefore support all but the most obscure languages. And as there are no translation maintenance issues you can support as many languages as you like without additional work.

          • Cheaper than other translation agencies - We expect that we will also work out cheaper than most other translation agencies. We pass on the translation cost directly from our freelance translators without markup. Instead we charge a monthly fee which is based on number of words in an account, not the number of languages you want!

          For the first 2,000 words in your account we won't charge a fee so you can try out the service. You will have to pay for the translations though. Further information is available on the Site and I would recommend reading the Getting Started guide. We've also developed some JSF tags to aid localisation which can be read about here.