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    Dynamically add pages without re-deploying

    Walter White Novice

      Hi all,

      I am developing a CMS built on Seam and would like to add pages dynamically as the user creates them.  I could use the hot deploy filter and re-deploy the application every time, but I was thinking I could programmatically modify the Page object stored in memory through the Pages class.

      The pages.xml will be updated with any changes made programmatically so that if the server is restarted, the state is persistent.

      The only problem is Pages does not provide any getters for retrieving the map of views.

      Does anyone have any ideas about this - would it be a feature request?  There won't be a great number of pages created dynamically, so the hot deploy would probably work, but it does take the server down for a period of time and I don't feel the hot-deploy filter should be used in production.