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    how to configure ldap in jboss

    madhu reddy Newbie


          I want to implement the security mechanism with ldap server as part of jboss server.Can any one provide me the procedure to configure ldap which is already integrated with jboss.I dont want to use manually open ldap but i want to use the ldap already available in jboss.

               Can any one provide the links or tell me the procedure how to use ldap.

      thanking u.

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          Gerry Matte Newbie

          Are you under the impression that there is an LDAP server included with JBoss ?
          I think that is incorrect.

          You are possibly thinking of the JBoss JASS Login module that can be used to login to any LDAP server you may have available for it to connect to.  That login module is a part of standard JBoss but it by itself is not an LDAP server.