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    Enable to authenticate using Identitymanager

    jyothi a Newbie

      I have 3 entities User,Role,UserRole .

      I have configured the User and Role entities in the component.xml file as

      and commented authenticate()

      <!-- <security:identity authenticate-method="#{authenticator.authenticate}" remember-me="true"/> -->

      I have used the    in user n role entity             
      @UserPrincipal for username

      @UserPassword for password

      @UserRole for userRole
      @RoleName for RoleNAme

      When i try to authenticate i m getting the User Querry executed in the Jboss Server
      but it is not authenticating.......

      Y is this soo....

      do i need to do anything more to authenticate using IdentityManger

      and how do i solve this .....