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    LazyInitializationException - where can find the error

    Miloslav Vlach Novice


      I have started background job to resolve intraday price information from provider. After some iteration i get this exception:

      failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: cz.bpsolutions.model.Instrument.intraday, no session or session was closed

      I don't know, why is this exception thrown, but this exception broker the application, because of:

      Abort called on already aborted atomic action 7f000001:cca2:4a78aff4:30

      So, I don't know how to avoid this error, and second, how to recovery from this error (now I can only shutdown the JBoss and start them again back).

      So I need to say, that in table Intraday is cca 200 000 records.

      Thanks for replay,