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    Testing Observer-Observable with SeamTest

    Tomás Pollak Newbie

      Hello all,

      I have two components that implement the observer-observable pattern using Seam's annotations. The twist is that the observable lives in one (Eclipse) project and the observer in another.

      I have written the unit tests for the methods annotated with @RaiseEvent and @Observer on each project.

      Now I want to write an integration test (SeamTest) that verifies that in a Seam context the execution of the first method triggers the execution of the second (note: this is actually a regression test, we had a bug because a programmer forgot to put the annotation).

      I've looked on the internet for some documentation on this but couldn't find any useful docs. What would you recommend?

      Also, as a related question: the reusable observable component is in a project without page navigation rules. How can I control the conversations in the SeamTest? I can't get it to work if I want to write a test that makes two requests to the same component.

      Any help is appreciated.