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    QuartzScheduler fails when more than 2 Seam Apps

    Bill Evans Newbie

      I have an interesting problem concerning the QuartzScheduler running in JBoss and activated by Seam.

      My application submits jobs to run in background threads by issuing the following command:

      Object handle = this.dispatcher.scheduleAsynchronousEvent("runQuery", packet);

      (this after creating a dispatcher via org.jboss.seam.async.AbstractDispatcher.instance() method)

      A 'run' method is then executed by the background thread:

              public void run(AbstractQueryPacket packet)  ...

      This works fine when I have ONE or TWO copies of the webapp running in my JBoss but when I have THREE or more, the background thread simply doesn't get scheduled: It is as if the work I give it to do vanishes into thin air.  There are no exceptions and nothing to indicate what is going wrong.