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    Restarting a LRC in Seam 3

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Is there going to be an API or approach to allow us to restart a LRC or stop then immediately start (after redirect) a new LRC in Seam 3?

      There was a long thread on this recently and I found a possible workaround solution that was most likely not optimal.

      For example, if the use-case requires an implementation in which the LRC is started when user selects a new value in HtmlSelectOneMenu via a4j:support action.  And then if they select another new value, end the LRC and begin a new LRC.

      According to PMuir, IIRC, a redirect is required to force Seam to start a new LRC.  Is this requirement due to the integration with JSF or is it a general Seam limitation?

      It seems to me that I should be able to promote a temp conv and demote a LRC to be subsequently destroyed by the Seam container, whenever I please...

      And then if Web Beans is the core for Seam 3, then I guess this is really a Web Beans question...