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    AroundInvoke on Outjected Method

    Andrew Wheeler Newbie

      I have a custom AroundInvoke interceptor applied to a session bean. I have traced the interceptor and it appears that it is not invoked for a method annotated by @Out. To be more specific it is not invoke when using the oujected name. Direct invocation is OK.

      The following method, overriden from EntityHome to outject the variable:

           public Person getInstance() {
                return super.getInstance();

      So, #{person} does not invoke the interceptor, but #{personHome.instance} does work.

      My interceptors annotation has not specified any before or within parameters. The documentation does not say when the interceptor is invoked in the chain in this case. I assume it is last?

      Does anyone have a clue to get this working? I want the interceptor to fire last in the chain. Should this be explicitly coded?