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    Classpath error    org.jboss.seam.requiredException  class not found

    kaboel kramer Newbie

      I've  a problem
      I'm trying to build  a taglib  using  UIComponents ....
      obviously  I've  made  an error somwhere  in the  coding

      Due to  UICOMPONENT  clssloader restrections  nothing  can trap and seam error  code can not be  hndled

      I using  seam 2.1.2
      is it  useful to switch to  2.2.0GA    did anithing change  on that behalf  ???

      is there aomehow a temporary  or  longer term trick... to extend the classloader
      to include seam ..... so I can have an IDEA  what error I've got  ????

      Having the above trick would suit me best ....