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    help: simple pojo property not being updated (outjection and conversation)

    robert walker Newbie

      Hi all, I am reading seam in action, and trying to use it as a tutorial for my app which has pages for a wizard.

      my issue is, i am not seeing my pojo being populated as I traverse the wizard. (I have outjected the pojo that contains properties which I am not seeing populated) and made the manager bean conversation scoped.

      my flow is this
      1) click a link to start a converssation (debug.seam confirms my manager bean: MailboxManager is in conversation ontext)

      <s:link action="#{mailboxManager.startWizard}" value="Start" />

      and mailboxManager has startWizard annotated like such

      // start a long running converstion
      public String startWizard() {
              return "step1";

      2) on the step1.xhtml page, I have a rich calendar which is mapped to my pojo's launchDate property

           <rich:calendar popup="false"
                             value="#{mailboxBean.launchDate}" />

      3) my MailboxManager is

      public class MailboxManager implements Serializable 
          private MailboxBean mailboxBean;

      4) When I traverse to the next step in the wizard, mailboxBean is never updated with value from step1. I put a breakpoint in my MailboxBean.setLaunchDate() but it never executes  :-(

      I know this is simple all, but I am struggling

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          When you submit the form, the setLaunchDate() method will be executed prior to the action method in the h:commandButton or h:commandLink.

          In step 2, the value is referencing a Seam component that should have @Name("mailboxBean").  Does that annotation exist?  And if you're using SFSB rather than JavaBean, remember that the business method must be in your @Local interface, otherwise Seam won't find it.

          So if setLaunchDate() is in MailboxManager, then use mailboxManager rather than mailboxBean in step 2.

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            robert walker Newbie

            thanks for your reply, I am really excited about learning and using seam, just having some growing pains.

            I do understand about the setLaunchDate() being called prior
            to my action method being invoked.

            my goto step 2 is a s:link like this

            <s:link action="#{mailboxManager.step1}" propagation="join" value="next" />

            so prior to mailboxManager.step1()  being invoked, I expect
            mailboxBean.launchDate to be populated. I should not need to propagation attribute but i am trying different things to get this to work.

            my pojo bean to store the data across the wizard steps (step1.xhtml, step2.xhtml, step.xhtml) is annotated like you mentioned it should be.

            public class MailboxBean implements Serializable {
                // components and properties for Step 1
                private Date launchDate;
                // components and properties for Step 2
                private String exchangeMailboxName;
                public String getExchangeMailboxName() {return exchangeMailboxName;}
                public void setExchangeMailboxName(String exchangeMailboxName) {this.exchangeMailboxName = exchangeMailboxName;}
                public Date getLaunchDate() {return launchDate;}
                public void setLaunchDate(Date launchDate) {
                    this.launchDate = launchDate;

            thanks again, any other suggestions?