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    Flushmode - please HELP

    Marcelo Magno Newbie


      I am finishing a seam 2.1 app where I use Flushmode manual in the entire app.

      I was getting some strange behavior when setting the flushmode to manual, and then discovering that the flushmode was set to auto. This was crashing my app. Reading the forum, I came across a post that states that issuing the bellow line in components.xml I wil get the default mode ever in the manual type.


      <core:manager default-flush-mode="MANUAL" />

      That worked for the admin part of the app, but this week when I was finishing the public part of the app, I was always getting the flush mode to be in the AUTO state.

      I even tried


      but I get: The method setFlushMode in in the type EntityManager is not applicable for the arguments FlushModeType

      But I do not want to keep set the flush mode during the app, it is a bug ?

      There is something that I can do in order for the app to obey the

      <core:manager default-flush-mode="MANUAL" />

      in the components.xml???

      Best Regards,

      Marcelo Magno

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          I haven't used that XML snippet in a Seam app yet, but perhaps it is working and then it's getting overridden later in the code?

          Otherwise, that sounds like a bug and you should file a JIRA issue for that...

          After the app deploys, there should be a way in the API to check to see what the flushMode setting is.

          Something like this:


          try that in a session- or conversation-scoped component and post back what it is...


          public class test1 {
             private Log log;   
             public void test(){
                log.info("Manager.instance().getDefaultFlushMode() = "+Manager.instance().getDefaultFlushMode());