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    Component with scope PAGE initialized twice

    Miloslav Vlach Novice


      I think I have understood the concept of the scope PAGE. I'm using this scope for components which use the AJAX request and there is no redirect. All seems works good, but today I have found very strange think....

      My components looks like this:

      public class PostBoxAction {
          @In(scope = ScopeType.SESSION)
          UserInformation userInformation;
          EntityManager entityManager;
          Log log;
          public void init() {
              log.info("init: #0", this);

      But I found in output console this message:

      22:36:03,045 INFO  PostBoxAction init: ....PostBoxAction@f4915b2
      22:36:03,583 INFO  PostBoxAction init: ...PostBoxAction@5a405e43

      So I have to say that the problem lies in deleting action which try to delete the detached entity (because the component is not the same).

      Know somebody where could be the problem ?

      Thanks Mila