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    Access inner class from components.xml

    Shervin Asgari Master

      I have an inner class and I want to access that class from components.xml. Anybody know how?

      I want to access FraTil class which is a public static inner class of Tidsrom

      <component name="tidsromFraTilTest" class="process.Tidsrom.FraTil">
                <property name="fromDate">12.12.2009</property>
                <property name="toDate">31.12.2009</property>
                <property name="numberOfTrips">2</property>
                <property name="numberOfYears">0</property>
           <component name="timeslotTest" class="process.Tidsrom">
                <property name="type">Something</property>
                <property name="fromTo">
                <property name="dateTo">31.12.2009</property>

      But I get a Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for: process.motorferdsel.Tidsrom.FraTil exception

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          Shervin Asgari Master

          public class Tidsrom {
               private String type;
               private List<FraTil> fromTo = new ArrayList<FraTil>();
               public static class FraTil {
                           private Date fromDate;
                    private Date toDate;
                    private String numberOfTrips;
                    private Integer numberOfYears;

          This is how the class looks like