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    Web Admin Console

    Viswanath Durbha Newbie

      Are there any ideas about creating a web based admin console for HornetQ? Some of the points of discussion for it may be as follows.

      1. What API does the web admin console use? Core? JMX? REST? Or something else?
      2. Do we use a web framework to build it? Which one is the simplest to use with minimum footprint?
      3. How does the web console show various object models of the same core? In other words, HornetQ, in the future, can be used to create "JMS Destinations" as well as "AMQP Queues". Which term should be use to show it on the console? Is it always the core object model?
      4. Does the web app need to be really dynamic with AJAX capabilities updating various parts of the screen? Like a dashboard?

      Just sharing my thoughts on the subject. Should be interesting discussion.