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    Basecamp (Rails) & Seam capabilities

    David Spindle Newbie

      Recently I started using basecamp for project management and wow am I impressed.  Does anyone know if there is a Seam app that does something like this? 

      Technically speaking, Seam could do all of this without issue and I am curious as to why we don't see many apps like this out there in the Seam community.  I guess I could write it myself but I am more intrigued regarding why in the Rails community there seem to be so many apps.  I just don't see that kind of activity in Seam which, IMHO, has more to offer from its full stack.  

      I guess my real question is... why is Rails so cool and so attractive for the social-coding community?  I've played with it a bit and I feel like I have so much more power with Seam.