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    Issue with rich:orderingList

    Syam G Newbie
      I get the following exception while submitting the page with an ordering list

      sourceId=j_id16:localelist[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=("Component j_id16:localelist has invalid value expression com.rim.webservices.apps.sdownloads.model.LocalizedSite@8de88a"), detail=("Component j_id16:localelist has invalid value expression com.rim.webservices.apps.sdownloads.model.LocalizedSite@8de88a")]

      <rich:orderingList id="localelist" converter="siteConverter" orderControlsVisible="false" fastOrderControlsVisible="false" value="#{siteAction.localizedSites}" var="loc" listHeight="100" listWidth="150"  selection="#{siteAction.selectedLocaleList}">
                             <rich:column  width="180">  
                               <h:outputText value="${loc.language.name}" ></h:outputText>

      public Object getAsObject(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, String value)
             LocalizedSite ls = new LocalizedSite();

            if (value == null || (value.trim().length() == 0))
                return value;
            Language l = new Language();
            return ls;

        public String getAsString(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object value)
             LocalizedSite ls = null;

            if (value instanceof LocalizedSite)
                 ls = (LocalizedSite)value;

                StringBuilder lsAsString = new StringBuilder();
                return lsAsString.toString();
            return "";

      Please help if anybody got a solution for this.
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          Dean Hiller Expert

          I had same problem.  For me, my entity was implementing hashCode and equals generated from ECLIPSE!!! and I was just using the id field for equality, but for some reason, that broke it all :(.

               public int hashCode() {
                    final int prime = 31;
                    int result = 1;
                    result = prime * result + ((id == null) ? 0 : id.hashCode());
                    return result;
               public boolean equals(Object obj) {
                    if (this == obj)
                         return true;
                    if (obj == null)
                         return false;
                    if (getClass() != obj.getClass())
                         return false;
                    Question other = (Question) obj;
                    if (id == null) {
                         if (other.id != null)
                              return false;
                    } else if (!id.equals(other.id))
                         return false;
                    return true;