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    Working with EJBQL RESTRICTIONs and EntityQuery

    Tanya Ruttenberg Expert

      I need to restrict my data select with a couple of criteria that don't seem to fit so well with RESTRICTIONS.  Ultimately I want to

      select where carrier like %ATT% and carrier like %VZB%

      I'm pretty well resigned now to the fact that I can't use RESTRICTIONS like this

      "lower(office.wanvendor) = lower(#{office.att})",
      "lower(office.wanvendor) = lower(#{office.vzb})",

      because it seems that you can't restrict the same field twice.

      I also want to do

      select where totalUsers between 0 and 50

      but again you can't do this

      office.totalUsers between #{office.lowerLimit} and #{office.upperLimit}"

      because you can have only one EL-expression in the restriction.

      However, most of my other restrictions fit the standard paradigm so I don't want to have to create ALL the EJBQL manually.  I want to take what exists after the point where you setEjbql and apply the restrictions and THEN make alterations for my test case.

      get the query that exists at this point and alter it accordingly

      Any way to do this?