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    Out injection on a Jbpm ActionHandler not possible

    lucio piccoli Newbie

      hi all,

      i am porting my jbpm app over to seam 2.20GA.

      i have hit a snag on the porting my actionHandler code to a Seam component.

      The action Handler has an @Out variable.

      The code needs to leave the current node or else it is stuck in a wait state.

      When the leaveNode is called it seems that the @Out inject is not yet called and the variable is not set. Thus not making it available for the remaining business process.

       @Out(scope=ScopeType.BUSINESS_PROCESS, required=true, value="test")  
       String testid;  
      public void execute() throws Exception {
      ExecutionContext context = ExecutionContext.currentExecutionContext();
      testid= "somevalue";
      context.leaveNode(); <--- this moves the token but @Out variable is not set

      if my understanding of the out injection is correct then how are ActionHandler as seam components meant to signal and use the @Out injection?

      any help most appreciated.