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    Initial success with WebLogic 10.3.1 (11g); need help with H2

    Chris Simons Expert


      Perhaps Oracle/BEA has made some fixes with the latest release of WebLogic AS (10.3.1). 

      Thus far, I've been able to deploy the jee5/booking example without having to use the jboss-seam-wls-compatible.jar, nor did I have to add each EJB as a separate SeamInterceptor (sections and

      I was able to deploy the application without issue and view the start/login page of the Booking example.

      Pretty cool, considering the last time I tried this with WebLogic 10.3, I had to navigate the maze of .jar changes and adding each EJB as a separate SeamInterceptor in ejb-jar.xml.

      However, I have overriden the Booking example to use H2.  This works with WebLogic.  But I'm finding that, even though the Booking example successfully deploys, it is not populating my H2 database with tables.  Furthermore, it seems to be setting the password to something other than sa, even though that is the password I gave the JDBC DataSource via WebLogic.

      Does anyone have any hints for this?  The reason I am using H2 is due to my application using H2, and I figured the best way to start would be to use H2 with the Booking example.