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    Iframes and Seam

    Mario Tigua Newbie
      Hi everybody,

      I have a JSF page and in a specific place of that page I need to show an html document generated by a response object.

      I solved this problem using an iframe inside the page:


      iframe name="myFrame" align="middle" width="700" height="700" src="cargandoDoc.seam?#{manager.conversationIdParameter}=#{conversation.id}" >


      In this page i have a button that call the method "verExpediente.documentoOriginal" that generates the html response. This button call itself automatically when the page is loaded

      <h:commandButton id ="botonMostrarPDF"                                         action="#{visualizador.verDocumento(verExpediente.documentoOriginal)}" value="Visualizando Factura">

      <script language="JavaScript">

      The question is , are there any ahother elegant way to do this?

      Thanks in advance,