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    Seam 2.2.0.GA and manual flush mode

    Jens Weintraut Apprentice

      Hi there,

      I updated my Seam application to Seam 2.2.0.GA and stumbled into an interesting effect. On a page to edit an entity there is a h:selectOneMenu to represent an entity property. This property is bound to a Seam component via binding. This component is a backing bean for an AJAX/ICEfaces tag (selectInputText) which is intended to simplify entering this entity's property.

      The page is part of a long-running conversation which begins by displaying all the entities one can edit and ending as soon as the user navigates to another part of the application. This long-running conversation is started using @Create(flushMode=FlushModeTyp.MANUAL).

      The AJAX/ICEfaces components uses its binding to set the binding's value to the first entry matching the user's input (((ValueHolder) binding).setValue(matchingEntry);). I. e. the user enters b, an AJAX request is started, the backing bean calculates matches for b and sets the first one (say banana) as the new value of the bound tag. So the bound property has a new value.

      The problem now is, that Seam 2.2.0.GA seems to ignore the manual flush mode. Everytime the user enters a letter, the corresponding value in the database is set to the new value. This didn't happen with Seam 2.1.1.GA.

      Perhaps I should illustrate this by posting some code.

      Here is a part of the page:

        <ice:setEventPhase events="ValueChangeEvent" phase="INVOKE_APPLICATION">
          <ice:selectInputText id="devUsrID_AC"
            <f:facet name="selectInputText">
              <ice:outputText value="#{user.ID} - #{user.name}"/>
        <s:decorate id="decorate_devUsrID" template="inc/decorateField.xhtml">
          <ice:setEventPhase events="ValueChangeEvent" phase="INVOKE_APPLICATION">
            <ice:selectOneMenu value="#{testaction.devUsrID}" binding="#{userAutoComplete.binding}" id="devUsrID" converter="com.idsscheer.ytrack.view.converter.UserConverter" valueChangeListener="#{userAutoComplete.selectInputValueChanged}" partialSubmit="true">
              <s:selectItems value="#{mainSupplier.developers}" var="developer" label="#{developer.ID} - #{developer.name}" id="devUsrIDs" />

      And here is the UserAutoComplete class:

      @Role(name = "userAutoComplete2", scope = ScopeType.SESSION)
      public class UserAutoComplete implements IUserAutoComplete, Serializable {
        private static final long serialVersionUID = 5406906545256206754L;
        private static int listLength = 20;
        private transient IUserSelector userSelector;
        private transient UIComponent binding;
        private String enteredUser;
        private List<SelectItem> matches;
        public void selectInputValueChanged(ValueChangeEvent event) {
          if (event.getComponent() instanceof SelectInputText) {
            SelectInputText autoComplete = (SelectInputText) event.getComponent();
            String newWord = (String) event.getNewValue();
            matches = generateMatches(newWord);
            User selectedUser = null;
            if (autoComplete.getSelectedItem() != null) {
              selectedUser = findUserMatch(autoComplete.getSelectedItem().getLabel());
            } else {
              selectedUser = findUserMatch(autoComplete.getValue().toString());
            if (selectedUser != null && binding instanceof ValueHolder) {
              ((ValueHolder) binding).setValue(selectedUser);
          } else {
            if (!(event.getNewValue() instanceof User)) {
            User newUser = (User) event.getNewValue();
            enteredUser = newUser.getID();
        //some setters/getters and private methods

      I also tried to switch the scope of userAutoComplete to CONVERSATION and to remove the @AutoCreate annotation. But if I do this, Seam tells me that userAutoComplete resolves to null as soon as the user enters a letter in the selectInputText tag. I don't know why this happens. This is surprising since the Seam debug page shows me that there is a long-running conversation which comprises a userAutoComplete component.

      I worked half a day on this issue and don't get a clue. Would save my day, if someone has an idea on this.

      Thanks in advance