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    s:selectItems inside a h:selectManyCheckbox

    giuseppe naddeo Newbie


      I'm seeing a strange behaviour of s:selectItems inside a h:selectManyCheckbox

      in detail there is a form

      <a:form id="idForm" ajaxRendered="true">
      A<h:outputText id="rawList" value="#{myForm.selectedTags}"/>
      B<h:selectManyCheckbox id="boxList" value="#{myForm.todelTags}" layout="pageDirection">
         <s:selectItems value="#{myForm.selectedTags}" var="_tag" label="#{_tag}"/>
      <a:commandButton id="delete" value="delete" action="#{myForm.doDeleteTag}" reRender="boxList, rawList" />

      doDeleteTag code is

      public void doDeleteTag() {
              todelTags = null;
              todelTags = new ArrayList<String>();

      everything is very simple:
      there is a list of tags. every tag has a checkbox (point A)
      user can select several checkboxes and delete them.

      after delete, the list is re-rendered to show the new list

      the problem is that after user clicks on commandButton, boxList is the same as before. no change.

      as test, I added an h:outputText with same value (point B).
      rawList works correctly.

      in few words

      before I click I see:

      A[tag1, tag2, tag3]


      checkbox tag1

      checkbox tag2

      checkbox tag3

      suppose I select tag2 and click,
      now I see:

      A[tag1, tag3] <--correct!


      checkbox tag1

      checkbox tag2 <--why??

      checkbox tag3

      what's wrong?????
      why checkbox tag2 is still there??

      thanks for any help.