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    how to create Dynamic report generate based upon views?

    tamilvanan shanmugam Newbie

      i want to create Dynamic report at run time.that is we can create a view at run time  based upon one or mote tables . after that , the report will be displayed from corresponding view .

      for example ,
      1.Empmaster table having empcode, first name,last name
      2.Designation table having designation name
      3.grade table having  grade name.

      In front end(JSF), i show the three table column.the field selection are only end user (becoz he/she want what ever column)

      i give some example below .. please see that..
      now we create a view as .......

      create view viewname as select empmaster.empcode,designation.desiganationname,grade.gradename from empmaster,designation,grade where empmaser.gradeid=grade.gradeid and empmaster.designationid=designation.designationid

      after that , based on view we can create dynamic report at RUNTIME(this is important) . which report we want to be print out or something else . they can do it?
      this is my idea..

      is there any solution for that one?

      anybody knows please tell me ...

      with  regards