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    Setting Skin on Login.xhtml

    Casey Boyd Newbie

      Here is the problem....

      I need to be able to set the skin dynamically on the login.xhtml page....



      Using the SkinBean doesn't seem to work....



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          Casey Boyd Newbie

          I don't have to use the Request to pass the Skin Name.....

          Any ideas?



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            Leo van den berg Master

            There are a number of tricks to do this. I myself do the following:

            Line in web.xml


            A user has a property skinName which is retrieved when you log in and used when this bean is called, but using a query parameter hould work the same.

            public class SkinAction implements Serializable {
                 User currentUser;
                 private static final long serialVersionUID = 9018532822592154331L;
                 String skin = "DEFAULT";
                 public void personalSkin(){
                      if (currentUser == null) return;
                      else {
                           skin = currentUser.getSkinName();
                 public String getSkin() {
                      if (skin == null) return "DEFAULT";
                      else return skin;
                 public void setSkin(String skin) {
                      this.skin = skin;