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    Roman Mandeleil Newbie

      Hi Fellows,

      I am strugling very strange problem with decorate
      tag for a simple input . It seams that decorate template
      been parsed right but I can't make the seam:message
      that decorates the input to be affected by the errors.

      The interesting part is that if I put rich:messages
      tag on the page I see the right messages for that input.

      Here is the sample I cooked to reveal the problem:


      it is an imitation of a comments system there is a comment
      class that represents the model of comment to be validated
      and saved in the database, SubmitNewCommentAction should
      save the comment in the DB when submit button is hit.

      On the index.xhtml page there is a name input field that is
      decorated, it is there to reflect the problem.

      P.S. I run it on jboss-4.2.3

      Thanks in advance.