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    seam entity, jboss tools and navigation model

    Fernando Marinò Newbie

      hi all,
      I'm new to jboss and jsf and in this days I'm studying the online documentation. I've installed jboss tools and created a new project using the wizard, after that a new entity. In the doc says that now I can access the generated view (entity-name.xhtml) just typing in the address bar entity-name.seam. It works, but I do not understand why. In the pages.xml there so sign of it, and for that I do not understand how is decided to compose this url. If I create a link with the view attribute set to the xhtml file it does not work. If I want to call the action method of the associated seam component, I don't know which method to call. I'm a bit confused... someone can clarify me these things?

      One last things, in the doc it says that the hot deploy of ear project is unsupported... there's no way to enable it at least for views and pages.xml?