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    keeping track on previous page viewed

    Kevin Taylor Newbie

      Does seam offer a way to keep track of the page a person came from?  For example, suppose I have three pages; x.seam, y.seam and z.seam.  A person visits y.seam followed by z.seam then x.seam.  I would like each page to be aware of the last page a person visits, i.e. I want x.seam to know the last page was z.seam.

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          first last Newbie

          I would also like to know the answer to your question.

          I have a products search page with page parameters. After the user searches, and clicks on a product, he is taken to that product's details page.

          I would like to offer the user a back button that will redirect him back to the search page WITH the previously entered search parameters showing.

          Actually - the user can reach the product details page from many locations in the app, so where ever he came from I want to go back there and show whatever state was present before (the state was the previous page's URL parameters)

          From Dan Allen's Seam-in-Action book, I see anonymous page parameters may help, such as

          <page id="/productDetails.xhtml">
             <param name="productId" value="#{productHome.id}" converterId="javax.faces.Long" />
             <param name="returnTo"/>

          One thing I don't get from the book, and I guess it is implied there is:

          When we have a link to the productDetails page, such as:

          <s:link id="productName"
             <f:param name="productId" value="#{_prd.id}"/>

          We also have to manually specify an f:param for the returnTo ???
          Meaning, if I really wanna go back to the search page the user was on, I need to specify ALL the search page parameters in a link that actually leads to the product details page ??

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            Stuart Douglas Master

            I have a solution that works within conversations that keeps track of the order that pages were viewed in the conversation:


            <page action="#{pageViewStack.push}" login-required="true"
            <page view-id="/parent.xhtml">
                            <action execute="#{pageViewStack.pop}" />


            public class PageViewStack implements Serializable
                public PageViewStack()
                    views = new Stack<String>();
                public void push()
                    String a = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().getViewId();
                    if (a == null)
                    if (views.empty() || !views.peek().equals(a))
                 * This pops the top item and then returns the next item This is because the
                 * top item is always the active page, and we will be trying to move the the
                 * active pages parent
                public String pop()
                    if (views.size() > 1)
                    if (views.size() > 0)
                        return views.peek();
                    return "";
                Stack<String> views;
                public int getCount()
                    return views.size();
                public String toString()
                    StringBuilder db = new StringBuilder();
                    for (String s : views)
                        db.append(s + ":");
                    return db.toString();

            To go back in the conversation I just redirect to /parent.xhtml.

            This may not be what you are after if you are not using conversations.