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    On A4j ReRender i18n doesn't execute

    Diego Y K Newbie

      I have a h:selectOneMenu field that has it's values filled using the Seam s:selectItems tag. Like the following

      <a4j:outputPanel id="clientTypePanel" ajaxRendered="true">
           <h:selectOneMenu value="#{groupManager.clientType}" id="clientTypeSelect" 
                disabled="#{groupManager.poaGroup.id ne null}">
                <s:selectItems value="#{clientTypes}" 

      When I do a reRender on clientTypeSelect the labels on my select disappear.

      The labels of


      is set using the following tag.

      <f:loadBundle basename="resources.label" var="labels" />

      The problem is just with the label, if I change to just show the clientType.label I don't have the same problem.

      Does anyone have this issue before? I'm not sure if this is related to the Seam selectItems Tag that isn't being called properly on reRender or it's a problem with the A4J reRender.

      Any help is appreciatted.