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    Unexpected global

    Kmali Malik Newbie


      I'm new to JBOSS Seam and have some issues with an application.
      Please keep in mind that I haven't written the application, I just want to expand it. I don't have much knowledge about seam and drools, I just want to add a login functionality.

      The Application is based on Seam 1.2 and deployed with JBOSS 4.0.5GA. Drools is also integrated.

      I've added a login.xhtml to the view folder and the following code to the web.xml:

      welcome-file index.html welcome-file

      The first page loaded is now the login.xhtml, what is defined in the index.html.
      So far so good, but if I want to open the home.xhtml(home.seam)I recieve an error message:

      Unexpected global interactionStack

      at org.drools.common.AbstractWorkingMemory.setGlobal(Unknown Source)

      Can somebody tell me what this means and how resolve it?
      Is there another way to define the start page in seam?

      I appreciate your help, thank you.

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          Chris Simons Expert

          What exactly do you mean by open home.xhtml?  Are you trying to manually typing in the page name in your URL/browser?

          At least in our application, home.xhtml is the landing page following a successful login.  Keep in mind we are not using Drools, but in our pages.xml, the logic for this is easy to follow.

          <page view-id="/login.xhtml">
               <navigation from-action="#{identity.login}">
                   <redirect view-id="/home/home.xhtml"/>

          This is typically how you define a start page in Seam.  However, I may have misunderstood your question.