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    Datatable ResultList

    Palani swamy Newbie

      Hi every one

      How to pass the Datatable value into backing bean;

      I using this code, but i con't get that value in backing bean;
      //This is XHTML Code

      Datatable Value is= "#{sysCountryList.resultList}"

      <s:link  value="Click Me" action="#{report.ExportToPdf()}"  target="_blank">
      //Here i pass that datatable value;
      <f:param name="DATATABLEVALUE" value="#{sysCountryList.resultList}"/>

      //This is my bean class
      //Here i get that datatable value
      public void setReportName(String DATATABLEVALUE)
      public String getReportName()
      return this._data;

      But the datatable value is null,

      How can i get the datatable value in my backingbean,

      Anybody help me: