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    Why no joinTransaction in EntityHome.persist, remove?

    Jonathan Fields Novice

      I'm trying to understand whey there is no call to joinTransaction() in EntityHome.persist() and remove(), when there is a call in update()? Am I missing something obvious?

      Also, it seems that an injected Seam EntityManager automatically joins the transaction, whereas if you extend EntityHome, and then call getEntityManager(), it has not, and thus a call to joinTransaction() is required. Is that true?

      I have extended EntityHome, and in some of my methods, I am doing some updates on entities and then calling getEntityManager().flush(), but was getting a No transaction active exception. If I switched to an injected EntityManager, or called joinTransaction, that solved the problem.

      Just trying to understand when transaction joining is required, when it is done automatically, and when I need to do it.....