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    How will Seam 3 reduce interoperability issues?

    Chris Simons Expert

      All - I am hoping someone from the JBoss/Seam team, or anyone with a good understanding of Seam 3, WebBeans, JSF 2, etc., can provide some insight on the matter of interoperability with non-JBoss application servers (WebLogic, OC4J, WebSphere, etc.).  Specifically, how will Seam 3 reduce the complexity of building a Seam application to run on non-JBoss application servers.  What changes in class loading, library inter-dependencies, EJBs, and the like will reduce the current headaches?  How complex will be the conversion from a Seam 2.x app to Seam 3.x? 

      Lastly, are there any reliable estimates on when Seam 3 + WebBeans will be made available to the general public?

      Thanks for your time.

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          Shervin Asgari Master

          I don't work in JBoss, but I believe I have an understanding of some of your questions. JBoss will make seam work on all Java EE 6 containers, otherwize they would shoot them selves in the leg. It will be based on JEE 6 and it will come a Seam 2.x to Seam 3 migration guide.

          Estimates, I believe medio september. My guesstimate is when Java EE 6 will be, then shortly or immediatly after Seam 3 and WebBeans will be out.