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    Experiences with SEAM and Wicket

    Lari Tuominrn Newbie

      Hi all,

      This question is for those who have been using Wicket with SEAM.

      Could you provide a brief insight of what are the greatest benefits and drawbacks of combining these two.
      In addition, would you recommend Wicket instead of JSF (ICEFaces / RichFaces)?

      Thanks in advance!

      - Lari

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          u janner Newbie

          hi lari,

          this is what comes to my mind (after looking back on the last year with 50% jsf and 50% wicket):

          - wicket is MUCH faster than jsf (simpler life cycle, no el)

          - jsf without seam is a pain, wicket without seam is no problem if you dont need the seam way of conversations and the other seam addons

          - we experienced some threading issues with seam/wicket under high load (nullpointers happening at odd places) under high load - but we havent analyzed enough to blame seam (or the wicket-seam integration) - maybe it's our own fault

          - the components you get with icefaces/richfaces look much more elaborated than those you get with wicket (and other wicket subprojects) but adapting the wicket ajax components is MUCH more simple (pure java); we tried that with richfaces (and cdk) a while ago, that was a real pain.
          wicket is more basic but lets you extend very easily.

          - jsp (script) developers will find it easier to learn jsf, as the wicket way of doing dynamics in pages is pure java.

          cheers, uwe.

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            Lari Tuominrn Newbie


            In addition, have you noticed differences between development speed / development comfortability issues between JSF/SEAM and Wicket/SEAM

            - Lari

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              Harry Holt Newbie

              Is there a way to get around the JSF dependency in a SEAM / Wicket project?  If I try to run a project, I always get an exception unless I include a JSF implementation library:

              java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/faces/convert/ConverterException