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    broken link detection in xhtml

    Andreas Panagiotidis Novice

      I am using Eclipse WTP and Jboss Tools to develop Seam Applications.

      Often, when I write .xhtml files, I do a mistake and I point to a link that doesn't exist.
      I get an error, only after the file is deployed AND only after clicking the button containing the broken link.

      Is there a way to be able to detect those broken links in real-time? I mean while writing the file.

         <s:button name="myButton" value="ok" view="/somefolder/non_existing_link.xhtml" />


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          Jaime Martin Apprentice

          A tip:
          Before deploying or exploding your application you could check if the link is correct this way:
          Open the Open resource window (Ctrl + Shift + R) and in the item to open paste your xml file name. If it doesn´t exist you´ll realise it because matching itemx box would remain blank.
          It´s not a real time solution but with no effort it prevents you from deploying again!
          Hope it helps!