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    replace built in FacesMessage with custom (extended) implementation

    Sven van den Broek Newbie

      I want to extend the distinction between several facesmessages (to render messages on a different manner (e.g. a certain group of info messages should be rendered modal). 

      I extended org.jboss.seam.faces.FacesMessages with an extra parameter which holds the extra distinction (also javax.faces.application.FacesMessage is extended in order that extra info can resides in context.) 

      But it seams a FacesMessage can only be added to FacesMessages through separate parameters (severity, message,...) and not by an object of class FacesMessage (extended or not). 

      Because in the add procedure (of superclass StatusMessages) some other functionality is exectued (which can't be executed in subclass), I don't know how to add the extended FaceMessage.

      Is there a work-around or better practice to solve this issue ?
      Or am I misusing FaceMessages and should I use another mechanism ?

      (based on jboss-seam-2.1.2.GA)