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    write a string to variable

    Kmali Malik Newbie

      I'm a seam and java newbe and have a simple question.

      Ho can a write a string given in a (xhtml-)input box into a variable defined in the java code?

      I've made a class login:

      public class login {
              public static String username;
              public static String loginname = "test1";
              public boolean check()
              if (login.username == login.loginname);
              return true;

      This the xhtml code:

      div class="dialog">
                  <div class="prop">
                      <span class="name">Username</span>
                      <span class="value">
                          <h:inputText id="username" value="#{login.username}"/>

      It doesn't work, I get the following error message:
      value could not be converted to the expected type

      What am I doing worng?

      thank you

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          Leo van den berg Master

          Hi Kmali,

          If you're a Seam AND a Java newbie I think you're probably overeating a bit.

          Try with some simple java classes and html-pages first and see how that works.

          To give you some hints: Your class lacks getters and setters for the two attrbutes and they're defined as static, which makes it very complex to use in a multi-user environment (web).

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            Kmali Malik Newbie

            I just need a login funktion for a application I haven't written myself.
            I tried the to implemnt it via the autheticator class, but it didn't work. (Obviously because of my seam knowledge)

            So I want to try to implement a simple way to authenticate a user.
            I doesn't need to be very secure, because it will only run in a local Network.

            I have a User class from a example Application with getters and setters:

            import static org.jboss.seam.ScopeType.SESSION;
            import java.io.Serializable;
            import javax.persistence.Entity;
            import javax.persistence.Id;
            import javax.persistence.Table;
            import org.hibernate.validator.Length;
            import org.hibernate.validator.NotNull;
            import org.hibernate.validator.Pattern;
            import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Name;
            import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Scope;
            public class User implements Serializable
                 private String username;
                 private String password;
               public User( String username, String password)
                    this.username = username;
                    this.password = password;
               public User() {}
               @Length(min=5, max=15)
               public String getPassword()
                  return password;
               public void setPassword(String password)
                  this.password = password;
               @Length(min=5, max=15)
               @Pattern(regex="^\\w*$", message="not a valid username")
               public String getUsername()
                  return username;
               public void setUsername(String username)
                  this.username = username;
               public String toString() 
                  return "User(" + username + ")";

            I just want to check a hardcoded Username and Password and redirect the user to the home.xhtml
            I would appriciate if somebody could explain to me how to realize this... :(

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              Arbi Sookazian Master

              look at the booking example in the distro:

              public class AuthenticatorAction 
                  implements Authenticator
                  private EntityManager em;
                  @Out(required=false, scope = SESSION)
                  private User user;
                  public boolean authenticate()
                   List results = em.createQuery("select u from User u where u.username=#{identity.username} and u.password=#{identity.password}")
                   if (results.size()==0) {
                       return false;
                   } else {
                       user = (User) results.get(0);
                       return true;