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    Seam on JBoss 5 wo Seam Deployer

    Rafael Ribeiro Novice

      Hi all

      Is there any way I can deploy a regular Seam application without having to depend on this new Seam deployer available on 5.x JBoss distros?
      I am worried about having different packagings for different Application Servers. Currently we were using a packaging where Seam (and its dependencies) were packaged inside ear/lib folder, now with VFS and the deployer if we use the deployer I guess I have classloader issues (since not all classes are found during deployment) and if in turn I disable the seam deployer and try a regular deploy I get the problem of the regular URLScanner that does not work properly on JBoss 5.x.

      I'd like to hear what is the normal solution used for this scenario.

      best regards
      Rafael Ribeiro