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    SeamTest with EJBs in external jar

    Martin Söderström Newbie

      I'm having some trouble getting SeamTest to work with my setup with EJBs in an external JAR:

      Business logic is contained in a EJB3 JAR (business.jar) separate from actual Seam project. Seam EAR project is created with seamgen, and the business.jar is declared in application.xml as usual. The business.jar is also seam-ified with a seam.properties file in the root and the seam interceptors in the ejb-jar xml, and my EJB beans are also Seam components (with @Name annotation) and can be injected in my Seam POJO action beans. This setup works as expected when running application in JBoss.

      Now I struggle with having SeamTest work with this configuration. I don't know the suggested setup for having Embedded JBoss pick up the business.jar and have it correctly deployed with the application (and have Seam correctly scan it). I tried just putting business.jar in the test-build directory and have it declared in META-INF/application.xml, but this gives me a ClassNotFoundException when the bean container for the POJO action bean refering the external EJBs is installed. I get the feeling that the test-build directory can not just be thought of as an exploded EAR.

      What am I doing wrong? Has anyone been here before?

      /Martin Söderström