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    Dependency on wicket-1.3.5.jboss1.jar

    Rick O'Sullivan Newbie

      I have a project that depends on wicket-1.4-rc4.jar but I see that the wicket example uses wicket-1.3.5.jboss1.jar.

      Background: I have explored the examples and successfully converted the wicket 'booking' example to a Maven build, JPA and JettyPlus (embedded mode for test runs). I found that the wicket example depends on a custom version of wicket, V1.3.5.jboss1.

      My questions are:

      1) Who maintains V1.3.5.jboss1: Seam folk, Wicket folk, other?

      2) Is the source available for V1.3.5.jboss1, if so where?

      3) Is there a plan to maintain this custom Wicket? Or...

      4) Is there a plan to coordinate the projects so a custom 'jboss1' version is not required?

      FTR, I see that V1.3.5.jboss1 changed some of the constructors, added methods, etc. and that V1.4 added generics. My problem is I am using Wicket Web Beans (WWB) for automatic form generation but WWB uses Wicket generic types.

      -- Rick

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          Clint Popetz Apprentice
          This is just because when Seam was at its release point, it was dependent upon a fix that was not yet in a released version of seam, and so we had to build our own, because seam cannot have snapshot dependencies when it is released.  Seam can use the 1.3.6+ version of wicket, and in the next maintenance release, will be able to use wicket 1.4.*  So the version you are using is the only/last one that will need the custom version of wicket.