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    jbpm timers for seam war

    Yasser Hawari Newbie

      i have a seam WAR app and i have configured it to use JBPM (as suggested by seam in action and Seam Framework Experience the Evolution of Java EE 2nd Edition).

      anyhows, I cannot get timers to work :(. Does it need Messaging to be configured. Should my seam application be an EAR for timers to work.

      can anyone please point me to the right direction 

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          Yasser Hawari Newbie

          i have been looking into the jsf-console and reading some posts in this forum. apparently, the fastest way to get timers to work is via the org.jbpm.job.executor.JobExecuterServlet.. but this way sucks big time. the servlet keeps polling the DB every sec. then i came to know that this servlet was replaced by org.jbpm.web.JobExecutorLauncher .

          however, in jsf-console  web.xml, the latter servlet is commented out in favor of the EJB and JMS based implementation. hmmm, interesting. I will try to imitate this and see what happens.

          P.S.: If someone knows how to properly configure seam war for jbpm with timers and async functionality, please give me some directions, i will be very thankful :)